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Group Classes

We offer a range of group classes for different ages and abilities. Group classes are ideal for working in a social atmosphere, training a range of different skills and providing some quality time in the week for you and your dog. 

Puppy School

For baby puppies under 20 weeks who are just starting out in their training and socialising, head over to our Puppy School page to find more information on class availability and how they can aid your puppy's development.

You may also be interested in joining us for a Play and Learn session - these are entirely focused around socialising your young puppy with other pups, people, sounds, sights and smells.

Junior School

For pups and dogs who are beginning their training, Junior School is the perfect place to start. We teach you and your dog a range of skills and show you plenty of fun games and tricks too. The class is suitable for puppies, adults and rescue dogs alike. Find more information and class dates here. 

Canine College

For those who have done some foundation training and are looking to progress to the next level. The class is suitable for all ages and foundation training doesn't have to have been with us. For more information on booking a spot, have a look at our Canine College page here. 

Individual Training Sessions

If you've got a particular area of training you'd like to focus on, then individual sessions are the ideal way to tailor training to you and your dog, in the location where you need the training to work (at home, the park, your workplace etc). 

If you're unable to attend group classes for any reason, we can bring class to you!

Find more information and our 121 training booking form here.

Behaviour Support

We're able to offer tailored support for a range of behavioural issues, such as reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding and confidence building. If you find that you're dealing with behaviour that's causing you concern, get in touch and we can talk through support and treatment options.

Find more information and our booking form here. 

Perfect Fit Harnesses

Emma and Kate are proud to be official stockists of Perfect Fit Harnesses. We're able to size and fit your dog with a custom harness that can be adjusted to grow with them. Harness fittings can be booked here - just let us know you'd like a fitting.