We are proud to be stockists of the Dog Games Perfect Fit harnesses.  We can measure and fit your dog and supply a range of different sizes and colours to enable us to provide a perfect fitting harness for your dog. 

Why Perfect Fit Harnesses? 

  • Perfect Fit Harnesses are made up of three individually sized pieces which enables a snug, secure and perfect fit! 
  • Fully machine washable
  • Fleece lined to protect a dog’s skin from plastic clips; also the width of the fleece helps to spread pressure over a larger area rather than just the width of webbing as with many other designs
  • Stainless steel rings to prevent rusting particularly from sea water
  • Break a clip and only replace one piece of the harness and not the whole harness
  • As the dog grows, there are 5 areas of adjustment to accommodate this growth. As these adjusters reach the end of their extension, new individual larger pieces can be purchased
  • Available in a range of colours
  • UK design and manufacture with all labour and materials sourced from within the UK

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